Rahul Gandhi has now to take the bull by the horns

The political scene in India, at the moment, is very, very muddy. The various political parties are destroying each other, much like what Lord Krishna’s descendants in Dwarka, the Yadavas, did just before the Lord's ascent to his abode.

The latest corruption allegations involve the royalty itself, besides some of its chosen conscience keepers. It is very, very difficult for either to survive the present onslaught. They are bound to fall into the dust heap and, with them will be gone Sonia Gandhi, who rules the Congress party and the nation now. The future of the Congress party, sans the Gandhis, is anybody’s guess. Priyanka who had nursed political ambitions only recently will have to forget it as a dream.

Rahul Gandhi, the only other Gandhi, recognised politically as the heir to the Congress tradition, based on primogeniture, can swim or sink, depending on how he chooses to play his cards at this crucial moment. For instance, he can tag on to his mother’s apron strings, like he has done so far and be forgotten both as a politician and as a person. Or, he can rediscover India for himself and for all of us, like no one else has done before. Indira Gandhi used the political crisis of 1966 to great personal advantage, also to re-deploy the Congress party, as an agent of changes. That she had a heavy personal agenda is an altogether different matter, however, act she did, decisively, and to great advantage for herself and the party. But for her resourcefulness and determination, there would have been not Congress party now.

Rahul has now to take the bull by the horns. He has to dissociate with his mother, who is hell-bent on resurrecting her son-in-law, may be, under pressure from Priyanka Gandhi.

Rahul has to come out in the open and express his desire for an independent, high level investigation, to establish the truth or otherwise of the allegations now floating around.

He must genuinely press for effective action, and ask the party to fully cooperate with the enquiry. Also, allegedly corrupt Ministers and the invalid ones like the Prime Minister should at once be removed.Those involved in corruption should be arrested, and Vadra’s assets impounded along with his passport. For these purposes, Rahul should even be ready to take over as the Congress President.

Necessarily, he will be taking his mother and sister head-on, but, he must put the nation above family loyalties and emotions. If he had the courage and wisdom to do this, the youth of the country, who are fed up with the high level of corruption and, governmental inaction, will surely rally around him.

It will not be surprising if even Arvind Kejriwal and his jig bang joined him. All that Rahul will need to do is to show that he is a man, one who loves his motherland and it's people more than his own immediate family. He should keep aside any immediate political ambitions, until he has been able to convince the people of his sincerity and purpose.

Rahul’s greatest advantage is that no one, just no one, has so far alleged any impropriety with regard to his political career or conduct. He is still perceived to be a very honest person, and Indians are willing to trust a fool more than a knave. All he needs now to become a great leader and a saviour of the nation is to take the cudgels against his own family members, including his honey-bee mother, and call the shots.

In Mahabharat, Bhishma tells Blind King Dhritharastra to banish Durodyana from the kingdom and says,

tyajedekam kulasyaarthe graamasyaarthe

kulam tyajet graamam janapadasyaarthe

Dharmaarthe prithivim tyajet


Sacrifice one for the sake of the family; give up a family for the sake of a city; sacrifice a city for the benefit of the nation; also, sacrifice even the earth to uphold Dharma.

Rahul chose to go along with the family and into the bottomless pit for political scoundrels.

Digvijay Singh, hope you are not listening!


12th October 2012


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